Sunday, July 20, 2014

Islam Takes Down Another Malaysian Airline

Amsterdam Airport: Flight MH17 Memorial
Amsterdam Airport: Flight MH17 Memorial (Photo credit: romanboed)
Malaysian Airlines has had a rough few months. First, it was flight MH370 that literally disappeared into the Indian Ocean, taken down by a pilot who turned out to have Islamic supremacist tendencies when his "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" kicked in.

Now, another Malaysian Airline goes down, this time flight MH17 over the Ukraine, shot down by Russian separatists. Again, Islam is to blame. In this case, the pilot recklessly flew over a war zone thousands of miles from Malaysia, one in which just days earlier Ukrainian aircraft were shot down, including a cargo plane. But the Muslim Malaysian pilot of MH17 clearly followed the pervasive belief in the Muslim world that what happens is "Inch Allah," --because Allah wills it. In other words, there was nothing humans could do to stop it; the people on the plane were destined to die that day, or so the Islamic thinking goes.

Of course, not every Malaysian who is nominally Muslim accepts this, particularly after the fact. Many will deny it consciously, but accept it subconsciously. This directly leads to the complacency about lack of safety and unnecessary deaths in Muslim countries, at least when their is no one else to blame. But this time there is--Russia. Notice how long it took Malaysian Airlines to come clean about its jihadist pilot, but how quick the airlines and Malaysians in general are to pin blame on Russia and Putin for this latest aviation crime? Methinks Malaysians need to bring their imams to criminal court first before they blame a distant country engaged in a civil war -- which wasn't bothering Malaysia in the least -- before the pilot of flight MH17 gambled with a plane full of passenger's lives, perhaps because most Muslims don't much care about mostly Dutch "infidel" travelers -- many of whom were working to cure AIDS -- anyway. 

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

3 Times More Killed by Boko Haram in already forgotten incident than in entire U.S. Civil Rights Movement - No statement from Sharpton

Boko Haram: 100 feared killed as insurgents attack Chibok - DailyPost Nigeria

"Five churches, including COCIN, EYN and Deeper Life Bible Church, in Kwada village about 10 kilometres from Chibok town, were on Sunday attacked by Boko Haram insurgents. The attackers, according to report from locals in Chibok, targeted the time when worshipers were ready for the Sunday Service."
Let's be real. Unless the perpetrator is "white" - especially Anglo Christian - so-called civil rights groups don't care about the victims. This is because these groups themselves are composed of people with a racist ax to grind, or are people who see a profit in fooling others into believing they are fighting for justice. In other words, these groups are run by people like Al Sharpton and the lawyers of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Profiles of Intelligence Buffoons: DIA Director Michael Flynn

UPDATE: Looks like Flynn is being forced out. Apparently he's clueless about other things too, not that the people running him out are running him out for the right reasons as mentioned above.

Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 jihad pilot targeted remote island

Article: Lost jet's pilot practised landing on remote island -

It appears initial suspicions were correct about the pilot of MH370, which disappeared in route to China about three months ago. The pilot was a rabid fan of Islamist Anwar Ibrahim who was recently incarcerated for sodomizing a boy (Imagine that? An Islamist who violates human rights? With children no less!). This and a deteriorating private life seemed to much for the pilot, at which point he got "Sudden Jihad Syndrome." We'll probably never know if he intentionally downed the plane, or was "merely" hijacking it to a remote island but was stopped by others on board.

Realize there are some great places out there despite the ideological environment which they may exist, but that said, not seeing how anyone can reasonably rationalize vacationing in an Islamically-dominated country these days with the world-wide conflagration of bigotry, hatred and destruction stemming from these areas.

Notice subtle slogan on our nice pilot's shirt </sarc>


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Treason Prospers in the United Kingdom

"Treason doth never prosper, what's the reason?
For if it prosper, none dare call it treason."
- John Harington

If by miracle the United Kingdom somehow reverses it's hellbent descent into Islamization and arbitary rule,
Blair and Gaddafi
those individuals who brought on this unnecessary calamity will be held accountable for their treason. 
The charges - welcoming in a violent ideology called Islam, selling national resources to the non-British adherents of this violent ideology, acting against the interests of the British public, diminishing, defaming and destroying the physical and emotional aspects of British culture in ways wholesale culturally genocidal, selling British citizenship to violent Islamic ideologists and using the powers of state to threaten and silence British dissent of their actions.
No doubt the last three Prime Ministers - Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron - will be held front and center. If and when the trial comes, it should not be a cattle call, though the number of politicians who have sold out the U.K. for a visit to Dubai or Qatar could easily make it so.
While only a genuine trial can determine individual levels of collaboration, cowardice and betrayal, we might speculate there will be two primary categories - the Chamberlain appeaser and the Quisling traitor. The first, though effete and disastrous, only rises to the level of historic ignominy and is not a crime, while the later is treason of the most serious sort, and deserving of punishment that fits. While the actual Quisling was executed at the end of World War II, UK's current politician quislings might be spared to sit out their lives in solitary in some remote, barren penitentiary.
Call what you will enabling genocidal Islam to convert British land into sharia-enforcement zones, but it is still be treason, and the enablers are still traitors not just to Great Britain, but to humanity as well.

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